Rebekah Ann Bell

I grew up on a farm in Kansas surrounded by wind-whipped wheat fields and breathtaking sunsets. As a child, I loved telling stories more than anything in the world, whether that meant filling countless notebooks with anecdotes or entertaining my family with humorous tidbits. I furthered my love for storytelling by studying film in college. Today, I live in California, work as a magazine staff writer, and speak on the side.


* I attended Biola University in Los Angeles, CA, where I fell in love with palm trees and the ocean, competed on the speech and forensics team, and met some of my very best friends. 

* I lived in Nashville, TN, for two years after college, which was pretty much the best thing ever because country music is my favorite.

* I love storytelling because I believe stories have the power to inspire and transform us like nothing else can.

* I'm a firm believer in laughter, celebration, and joy.